Verse for the Year 2022
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4 vs 13

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This spring we will explore ‘the story that changes everything’. The series entitled ‘Risen’, will tell the story from Easter to Pentecost. We will begin on Palm Sunday and Easter Friday with joint services/events. We will then move into Easter Sunday and celebrate the resurrection together. However, the story doesn’t stop there, and neither will our sermon series!

The weeks following will explore the events that took place after the resurrection, including some incredible interactions Jesus had with the Disciples. We will move on to explore the significance of the Ascension of Jesus, and end on Pentecost Sunday as we explore the Holy Spirit empowered birth of the church.

The series will explore events as described in a number of the Gospels and the book of Acts.

​Through the series we will be encouraged to explore well known stories and texts with fresh eyes, and glimpse at how these amazing events shape who we are as the people of God today.


You are...

welcome here! Whether you have faith or not, whatever your background, ethnicity, ability, status or gender, you will find a place of welcome among us, whether online or in person. 

We are...
a church of about 95 members, with a congregation of around 150 people, from toddlers to over 90s.

Our Pastor - Mike Hudson - joined us with his family in 2018 as a Minister-in-Training. In November 2021, the church family invited Mike to take up the role of full-time Pastor following the departure of Darrell Holmes.  Mike continues with his training until May 2022 so is currently part-time until the end of May.

Assisting him is our leadership team, made up of a secretary, a treasurer and two Elders. The Ministries of the church are co-ordinated by Ministry Team Leaders.

Whatever we call ourselves in the leadership team, we work together to provide direction and oversight to the church.  We believe strongly that all members and friends have gifts, both spiritual and natural, to be used in the work of the church, outreach, and building each other up. We encourage everyone to be a part of a Ministry Team and a midweek Home Group. We are all committed to our Vision and Values believing God has called us to serve Him wherever we are.

All through the UK lockdown and pandemic restrictions we found a way to continue sharing the good news, living it out and being a Beacon for Jesus. You can join us too, so get in touch - we'd love to chat. 


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